Design Services

Custom Architectural Design Services 


From the small landowner looking to build their lakeside dream cabin to the large developer of an eco-resort, Off Grid Shelters offers custom architectural design services to achieve your project goals. Our streamlined design process and use of powerful BIM software platforms allows us to offer quality deliverables at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Our low costs and commitment to quality makes custom architectural design accessible to all clients and all budgets. Deliverables may include the following:


  • Architectural renderings

  • Full construction drawing sets including foundation and framing plans

  • Best practice construction assembly detailing

  • Green Building Certification (Energy Star, LEED, Passive House)

Structural Engineering


Most cities and towns require a licensed structural engineer to approve a plan set before issuing a building permit. For permitting requirements in your location, contact the local building department in the city or town where your structure will be built. Off Grid Shelters has relationships with several engineering firms throughout the country. If an engineering stamp is required for your location, we can work with our engineering partners to obtain this stamp for you.


Even if your jurisdiction does not require an engineering stamp, this is still something we strongly encourage you to obtain.  You’re off grid home or special use shelter is a big investment and a properly engineered set of construction drawings is the first step towards protecting this investment.  An engineering stamp will ensure that your home is designed to withstand your sites specific snow loads, top wind speeds and seismic conditions.    

System Planning - Energy and Water


Energy from the sun or a windy hillside can be used to power your home or off-grid shelter. Rainwater and groundwater can be harvested and purified for human consumption. Waste can be safely composted through greywater and blackwater systems. Off Grid Shelters can help you successfully integrate energy, water and waste system solutions into your project. Deliverables may include the following:


  • Schematic design and system sizing

  • Product selection

  • Procurement of vendor quotes for materials and installation

  • Detailed construction drawings for system integration into new or existing structures



What does it mean to be off the grid?  The most literal definition is autonomy from traditional public utility services providing energy, water and sewer.  The term “off the grid” may also be characterized as a location in nature that is free from the stifling demands of our modern society.  For some, living off the grid becomes a full time life style choice where the comfort and convenience of municipal services and strip mall shopping centers are sacrificed in exchange for more freedom, less government and lower taxes.  For others, the off grid home becomes a temporary escape for working men and women and their families and a foothold in nature for outdoor recreational activities.  Regardless of your motivation, Off Grid Shelters has the skills and experience to help you plan for and successfully build your dream home or special use shelter.  


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