A rustic modern style farmhouse with durable construction and exposed beams
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Project Type:  

Custom house plan 


Project Location:  

Anywhere you want it to be


Project Size:  

1,800 Square Feet


Architectural Style:  

Rustic Modern Farm House


Project Status:  

Plans available for purchase

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About this project:

The goal for the Homestead house plan was to design a home that uses durable, low maintenance materials and blends traditional farmhouse style with modern features. This design features a split level, reverse living floor plan with the sleeping quarters on the ground floor and the living space located upstairs. The structural elements supporting this home are displayed with prominence on the interior with exposed steel beams and sturdy wood roof trusses supporting the vaulted ceilings above the great room which is open to the kitchen. A hidden loft above the kitchen adds additional sleeping space for guests. This design can be tailored to perform well with various site features and climate conditions.


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Design Features:

Reverse Living

Exposed Beams and Trusses

Hidden Loft

Secure ground floor bedrooms

Large outdoor patio




What does it mean to be off the grid?  The most literal definition is autonomy from traditional public utility services providing energy, water and sewer.  The term “off the grid” may also be characterized as a location in nature that is free from the stifling demands of our modern society.  For some, living off the grid becomes a full time life style choice where the comfort and convenience of municipal services and strip mall shopping centers are sacrificed in exchange for more freedom, less government and lower taxes.  For others, the off grid home becomes a temporary escape for working men and women and their families and a foothold in nature for outdoor recreational activities.  Regardless of your motivation, Off Grid Shelters has the skills and experience to help you plan for and successfully build your dream home or special use shelter.  


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